Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessels (COPV)

tank imageComposite wrapped pressure vessels provide incredible strength while keeping weight to a minimum. The composite pressure vessel pictured above is a prime example of this. The tank was designed and manufactured by the engineers at Ability Composites. This tank weighed less than 2 lbs. and had a burst pressure of 15,000 psi.

The pressure vessel is constructed of a plastic liner and overwrapped with carbon fiber and fiberglass. There is no load carried by the plastic liner and its sole purpose is to provide an impermeable barrier for gas. Ideal failure mode of composite wrapped pressure vessel is in the side wall or cylinder section of the pressure vessel (see above picture). Failure mode in the polar boss or dome ends creates a dangerous projectile.

Ability Composites is a composite manufacturer located in Loveland, Colorado and has filament winding capabilities to produce composite overwrapped pressure vessels. We have expertise in designing, producing, and testing composite pressure vessels. Please contact us if we can assist you in the design and or production of your composite wrapped pressure vessel.