Manufacturing Composite Frac Plugs

Composites have shown to be extremely beneficial for improving the hydraulic fracturing (fracking) process. When fracking, a hole is drilled and a series of composite plugs are set to isolate sections of a well. These plugs see pressures of up to 12,000 PSI and 350 degrees F.

Once the oil from a section has been extracted, the composite plug is drilled out so that the oil can be extracted from the next section. By using composite frac plugs as opposed to metal plugs, the drill bit can quickly go through the plug with minimal wear to the bit.

Ability Composites’ engineers have experience designing and manufacturing composite frac plugs. Our filament winders are set up to optimize production to constantly meet our customers demands. Please feel free to contact Ability Composites if our composite services and expertise can be of assistance to you.