Ability Composites manufactures composite pressure vessels (COPV manufacturing) for various industries using our 4 axis filament winding machine.  The developed in-house manufacturing process includes filament winding, pressure testing, and autofrettaging. 

Our composite engineers have worked to design and manufacture multiple composite pressure vessels including plastic-lined paint ball composite pressure tanks, fiberglass pressure vessels for aerospace applications, and helium composite pressure vessels for satellite applications.

We are an aerospace qualified manufacturer. 

Our 4-axis filament winding machine can wind a variety of reinforcement and resin systems.  Carbon Fiber, S-Glass, E-Glass and Aramids (Kevlar).  Ability Composites can help with customers material choices through state of the art FEM analysis.

Machine Capabilities:

– 24 Spools

– 4 parts simultaneous

– 6 foot diameter

– 20 foot length